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1795 ReplicantIssueNewNormalSome files in vendor/replicant/ still contains vendor/cm/ path04/26/2017 05:16 pmBuild system
1794 ReplicantFeatureNewNormalUse free hardware composer for smdk4412 devices04/24/2017 02:09 pmGraphics
1793 ReplicantIssueNewHighConsider locking critical wiki pagesWolfgang Wiedmeyer04/22/2017 09:27 pmWebsite and wiki information
1792 ReplicantIssueNewNormalWiFi connection established via RepWifi not correctly reported by the Android Framework to user-space appsFil Bergamo04/19/2017 01:06 pmWi-Fi
1791 ReplicantIssueNewNormal[RepWifiApp] Instable interface wlan0 on i9100Fil Bergamo04/12/2017 07:54 pmWi-FiGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1790 ReplicantIssueNewNormalTrebuchet crash when using 'folders'04/16/2017 03:11 pmBase applications
1789 ReplicantFeatureNewNormalLower screen resolution to speed up graphics04/12/2017 06:42 pmGraphics
1788 ReplicantIssueNewHighEnsure that emergency calls work properly04/22/2017 07:28 pmTelephony and mobile data
1787 ReplicantIssueNewHighMake Replicant 6.0 buildable on a GNU FSDG-compliant distribution04/15/2017 03:55 pmBuild system
1786 ReplicantIssueNewNormalReview the Chromium Webview build environment04/26/2017 10:52 amBuild system
1785 ReplicantIssueNewLowChange the app label of the old Gallery app04/09/2017 04:20 pmBase applications
1784 ReplicantFeatureNewNormalIntegrate toolchain build in Android build system04/09/2017 04:07 pmBuild system
1783 ReplicantIssueNewNormalNo SIM detection on Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300Wolfgang Wiedmeyer04/19/2017 02:54 pmTelephony and mobile dataGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1780 ReplicantIssueNewUrgentUpdate the webview apkWolfgang Wiedmeyer03/29/2017 01:16 pmPrivacy and security
1779 ReplicantFeatureNewNormalImplement setting that allows to permanently disable the modem04/22/2017 07:06 pmTelephony and mobile data
1778 ReplicantIssueNewHighThe installation pages lack advice to backup the EFS partition03/05/2017 09:27 pmWiki instructions
1777 ReplicantIssueNewHighConnecting headset to i9300 is saturated the person your are calling speaker04/22/2017 06:50 pmTelephony and mobile dataGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1776 ReplicantIssueNewNormalWrite tool to strip off privacy sensitive information from "logcat -b radio"Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli04/06/2017 03:50 pmTelephony and mobile data
1775 ReplicantIssueNewHighadb reboot on i9300 with replicant 4.2 or cm 10.1.3 fails to activate USB debug04/06/2017 11:20 amFrameworkGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1773 ReplicantIssueNewUrgentMetalic and horrible sound quality when call are made through 3G network / Replicant 4.2 & 6.0 on I930004/22/2017 06:49 pmTelephony and mobile dataGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1755 ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormalGT-N7100 sensors don't workCyberLeo Kitsana04/15/2017 05:23 pmSensorsGalaxy Note 2 (N7100)
1749 ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormaldeleting a picture is impossibleFil Lupin04/22/2017 06:51 pmBase applicationsGalaxy S (I9000)
1725 ReplicantIssueNewNormalreboot after installing 0004 on Samsung Galaxy S I9000Paul Kocialkowski04/22/2017 07:09 pmRecoveryGalaxy S (I9000)
1701 ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormalNo SIM detection on Nexus S with replicant 4.2Homer Simpson03/17/2017 01:01 pmTelephony and mobile dataNexus S (I902x)
1671 ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormalGalaxy s3 : camera error messagePhilippe Baret03/27/2017 05:52 pmCameraGalaxy S 3 (I9300)

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