Issue #123

MMS does not work

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Status:Closed Start date:04/05/2012
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Paul Kocialkowski % Done:


Category:Telephony and mobile data
Target version:Replicant 2.3
Resolution:fixed Device:Nexus S (I902x)


MMS does not work, similar to the Dream bug (#117)

Tested on 0002-crespo (NOTE: 9020A variant). I have had issues with Data lately, but MMS will not send on this RIL either when data does work.

SMS will complete; MMS will hang at "sending..." and never complete.

I'm attaching a photo from the gallery - that makes a message MMS.


Updated by Brian Kemp about 5 years ago

These are my bugs. --Broam

Updated by Paul Kocialkowski almost 5 years ago

Fixed with latest libsamsung-ipc/samsung-ril and will be part of next images. I successfully sent a couple images using MMS.

Please confirm as soon as the new images are out :)

Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 4 years ago

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Now MMS DOES work!

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