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Issue #1629: F-Droid may not respect the GNU free system distributions guidelines

F-droid Antifeature:Ads wiki page is unclear

Added by Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli about 1 year ago. Updated about 4 hours ago.

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The page is at:

It tells that "No such apps are currently known to exist.", but I verified (with the "Hungarian Rings for Android" application) that it's no longer the case.


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Updated by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 3 days ago

Is this only about the ads wiki page being out of date and not listing apps that have this anti-feature?
If so, I don't understand why this should be a bug in Replicant. As I already mentioned in #1629, the wiki will probably be obsolete soon and we should look at definitions in the new doc.

I didn't see ads mentioned in the FSDG guidelines, so I'm not sure how this could be an FSDG issue. My understanding is that apps with this anti-feature display ads using only free software. Is there evidence to the contrary?

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