Issue #1776

Write tool to strip off privacy sensitive information from "logcat -b radio"

Added by Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 2 months ago. Updated 12 days ago.

Status:New Start date:01/14/2017
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Assignee:Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli % Done:


Category:Telephony and mobile data
Target version:Replicant 4.2
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Users sometimes have issues related to the telephony network. In that case a good way to know what is going on is to post the logs, unfortunately such logs contain privacy sensitive information.
Having such logs publicly available in the issue tracker, would be better.

To do that, stripping the privacy sensitive information should be possible. What is privacy sensitive and what is not might depend on the users and their use case.

There seem to be more request concerning the devices using the libsamsung-ipc, probably because they are more popular.

So starting by parsing the logs on the most recent/popular devices, like the i9300 would be a good idea.

The wiki page that lists the requests in samsung-ril might be a good starting point:



Updated by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 21 days ago

If you need different logs for testing, I can send you a few. I got some because of the issue where certain SIM cards are not detected. For this particular issue, this tool would be quite useful as a full radio log from the device boot is needed.

Yesterday, I created a repo for user scripts. Currently, it contains scripts for usb tethering, the wifi dongle and for taking screenshots. Maybe we could include the tool there?

Updated by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 12 days ago

A suggestion for the meantime until the tool is implemented:

If users need to submit a full radio log for a particular issue, they could attach it encrypted to the issue. I could update GettingLogs with instructions how to encrypt the log using your, Paul's and my public key.

This would keep private messages to a minimum and users are still encouraged to submit an issue. Users, who are offered to send the log in a private message, usually don't bother to open an issue separately.

We could then still paste relevant parts unencrypted in the issue comments, as long as we have ensured that the parts don't contain privacy-sensitive information.

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