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Support device LG GW620

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Please support device LG GW620 which for many users will not be upgraded beyond Android 1.5. Replicant will give this device with keyboard more functionality that is not offered by the manufacturer.

For more information, see [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LG_GW620]

Also interesting is http://cyanogenroms.com/gw_620/

I'm willing to test, develop and contribute for this model when given detailed steps to work on installing Replicant on this device.


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CyanogenMod has unofficial ports for this device, located here:


OpenEtna (Froyo/CM6) uses proprietary blobs and will not be suitable without modification.

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None of the core developers have this device, so we can't do the port ourselves.
However we're happy to help you do the port, for instance by giving you lots of pointers trough IRC.


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