Device GTA04
Manufacturer Golden Delicious
Codename gta04
Ships with root Yes (Debian)
Root possible Yes
SIM Unlocked Yes
In production Yes
Replicant status Work in progress
Developers involved GNUtoo, PaulK
Replicant version Replicant 2.3
Last image Replicant 2.3 0005

Replicant status

Replicant status on GTA04: ReplicantStatus
Detailed status (Replicant 2.3): GTA04Status
Android kernel status: GTA04Kernel

Known freedom issues:
  • WiFi requires a non-free firmware to work

Installation guide

Installation guide for the GTA04: GTA04Installation

Build guide

Build guide for the GTA04: GTA04Build

Technical infos

Hardware table

Useful links:
Component Name Source Known protocol Documentation
SoC OMAP3 DM3730 Goldelico N/A ?

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