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04:30 pm Replicant Issue #1629: F-Droid may not respect the GNU free system distributions guidelines
About javascript, in parabola I have (I filtered out non-relevant output):...
04:18 pm Replicant Issue #1647 (Rejected): F-droid Antifeature:Ads wiki page is unclear
It was to point out that f-droid was contradictory with itself.
That should indeed be resolved upstream.


01:22 pm Replicant Wiki edit: BuildDependenciesInstallation (#53)
parabola: don't reinstall already installed packages


03:19 pm Replicant Wiki edit: Index (#49)
Try to lower the number of non-private mails ending up in the contact address. Inspired by the wording at https://www...


01:11 pm Replicant Issue #1776 (New): Write tool to strip off privacy sensitive information from "logcat -b radio"
Users sometimes have issues related to the telephony network. In that case a good way to know what is going on is to ...


07:27 pm Replicant Wiki edit: GalaxyS3I9300PrivacySecurityEvaluation (#14)
07:23 pm Replicant Wiki edit: GalaxyS3I9300PrivacySecurityEvaluation (#13)


10:59 pm Replicant Wiki edit: ReplicantSourceCode (#30)
use https for downloading repo!


11:41 am Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305)
Paul Kocialkowski wrote:
> Yet you can build a Replicant image for i9305 without modem support and import ba...


05:17 pm Replicant Wiki edit: GalaxyS3I9300PrivacySecurityEvaluation (#12)

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