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Added by Sarah Scarlett over 4 years ago

I'm trying to get the SDK and following the directions to the best of my ability but I'm stuck here when this happens:

_integrity@debian:/media/integrity/Transcend/replicant-4.2$ ../tools/repo init -u git:// -b replicant-4.2

bash: ../tools/repo: Permission denied_

I went and looked <a href = "">here </a> and it seems to be missing the branches? ..or something else is going on...I dunno.

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RE: Permission denied --update - Added by Sarah Scarlett over 4 years ago

I just thought I'd update in case someone made the same dumbass mistake I did. What happened was that I bought a cheap 64 gb thumb drive because the ancient mac I'm running debian on has like 20 gb total, ever. Anyhow, the key was vfat and vfat has no idea what permissions are. I got around that by changing permissions for the mount point, but then git wasn't listening when I tried to to change the core.symlinks (vfat doesn't know what those are either) setting. So I just gave up and reformatted to ext4 in gparted praying I didn't kill my shiney new drive. I didn't :) Now to figure out how to get eclipse to see what buildozer gave me and then use the emulator in the SDK to tweak and test my own stuff so I don't have to bug very kind people to test for me:)

RE: Permission denied - Added by Donald Schnader about 4 years ago

Hi, I'm interested in any progress you make on Eclipse. I did the same I got stuck on Eclipse wanting the project template upgraded to another version.
So I am taking a different path. As I learn Android programming, I am creating a tutorial for others to follow using CLI. Still early. Nothing useful to post yet.
Feel free to email me if you want to discuss outside the forum. Or if you want the baby steps I have made so far.

RE: Permission denied - Added by Sarah Scarlett about 4 years ago

I haven't made much progress with eclipse :( Works been crazy and I've been getting a lot of contracts lately so I honestly haven't given much time to it at all. My problem is not getting my little app to work on android (I used kivy buildozer so I already got an apk that works on android without having to agree to googles tomfoolery) but getting it to work on replicant specifically (only reason for doing all this). I don't know of another way to view and tweak other than eclipse, so it looks like I'd better figure it out.

I am creating a tutorial for others to follow using CLI

Hey that's awesome and thank you :) The more resources to make it easier for non-programmers to make Free software the better! Feel free to contact me if you need it usability tested :)