Replicant 6.0 release 0003 product built

Added by Fil Lupin about 6 years ago

I just saw and built the new release.
First, I thank all the ones which gave time for this new release.

In the replicant-6.0/out/target/product/i9100/ directory, I see a lot of files.
For curious reader:

android-info.txt          ramdisk.cpio
boot.img                  ramdisk.img            ramdisk-recovery.cpio
data                      ramdisk-recovery.img
fake_packages             recovery
gen                       recovery.img
kernel-recovery           root
obj                       symbols
ota_script_path           system
ota_temp                  system.img  userdata.img

The two zip seemed to be the same, do you confirm?
Several .img files are present, I though only the recovery.img was useful, but now, I wonder if the other img could not be interesting also...

Thanks for your answers.

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RE: Replicant 6.0 release 0003 product built - Added by Daniel Kulesz almost 6 years ago

You can use the IMG files for flashing partitions directly as well. This way, you should be able to e.g. install Replicant directly via heimdall without a recovery.