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Added by pitr lolo 8 days ago

Hello folks,

it's been long time since the replicant 6 was updated, I started to worry whether the project is still alive. I have the latest replicant 6 build running on my S3 as my main device for more than 1 year. The security patch level states November 2017 which is soon going to be 1 year old.

Is there any plan to update it ? What is the ETA ?

I know you're not paid for this and you rely on the sponsorship and you do it in your free time, but I'll have to consider to switch to another platform soon, in case nothing happens.

Thanks a lot for your work.



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RE: Replicant status - Added by Joonas Kylmälä 8 days ago


the replicant-6.0-dev branch of manifest repo has currently latest security updates from month or so ago if you want to compile it yourself. This is the roadmap for the next (6.0 004) release: that few of us are working on right now.

Any help with for example testing #1853, or #1832 would help. Also we are looking for people to test the new kernel for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – that is actually the biggest bottleneck right now.

RE: Replicant status - Added by pitr lolo 7 days ago


I'd like to use pre-compiled versions per release (to make it faster/simpler to update to next release), which I think most users want too, but good to know about dev branch - thanks for that !

I don't have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 so I cannot test. But I can offer testing on S3 and I'm pretty decent at shell(bash) scripting if this helps. Just let me know whether I can help in these 2 areas.



RE: Replicant status - Added by Andrés D 7 days ago

There are unofficial nightly builds of the in-progress replicant 6.0 0004:

The i9300 images are probably the most tested. I you try it, feel free to report bugs or make comments on the IRC channel.

RE: Replicant status - Added by wellton costa 5 days ago

Wow, I did not know that part. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. now updating on the i9300 to see the tests. Thank you =)

RE: Replicant status - Added by Daniel Kulesz 4 days ago

I will be happy to help tesing on the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. But is there an issue with the unofficial nightly builds? The most recent ones for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 are from end of September.

RE: Replicant status - Added by Amarpreet Minhas 4 days ago

Hey just re-enabled the espressowifi/3g builds.

I had them disabled since we didn't seem to have any testers for them, but they will be built today and you should be able to test them out in a few hours.

Thanks for helping test everyone!

RE: Replicant status - Added by Daniel Kulesz 1 day ago

Thank you, Amarpreet - I saw the builds. I will test the latest one on espresso-wifi and report back.