Replicant 11

Added by Adam A 7 months ago

Is it possible / has anyone tried building Replicant 11? By anyone I mean people outside of devs. If so, how is it?

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RE: Replicant 11 - Added by 59iosl30 - 6 months ago

Hello Adam!

I tried it a while ago on a GT-I9300 (Galaxy S III). It compiles perfectly. Replicant 11 is very fast and responds smoothly. The only limitation at the moment is that it is not suitable for daily use as some important parts are not working yet. Only for testing. But it already looks very promising. Replicant 11 for GT-I9300 (Galaxy S III), GT-N51xx (Galaxy Note 8.0) and GT-N7100 (Galaxy Note II) would be great!

Kind regards,

RE: Replicant 11 - Added by Soufsouf Jacknet 5 months ago

Hello is very interesing but i dont understand all documentation and is not the easy way. I use GT-I9300 (Galaxy S III) but be locked in old android version not permitte use modern application. I expect the implementation soon.