Building and installing for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 GT-P3113

Added by Kenneth Goodwin over 7 years ago

Hi and thank you for your work on this.

I have both building and installation questions, so this may belong in multiple forums, but I figured to post here first.

1. On the wiki build guide page ( [[]] ) there are two different targets for lunch, replicant_p3100-userdebug and replicant_p3110-userdebug; in other words, two different invocations of envsetup and lunch. Which one, if I have a P3113? both? neither? I used replicant_p3110-userdebug.

2. I have a full build completed using the instructions and nothing else (no, for example. See below for another question). Will this run correctly on my tablet as is, as per the instructions?

3. I notice that the set of files in device/samsung/p3110 is the broken Cyanogenmod file list that has half the files in the list not present on my stock tablet. There is also a branch for replicant in gitorious called replicant / device_samsung_p3110. Is this viable? It seems to have more realistic file lists than the cyanogenmod set. How do I get this branch in my tree instead of the one downloaded by a normal repo sync?

4. Is the recovery image the same as Cyanogenmod's? Will it allow a full backup of my stock tablet before booting into the Replicant image?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Building and installing for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 GT-P3113 - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 7 years ago

1. p3110 should be suitable for P3113, though I think it was untested yet. If you did install Replicant with the p3110 release before, then it'll definitely work.
2. Yes, the instructions we provide are enough to produce an usable build.
3. What you have on your tree should exactly match device_samsung_p3110 from gitorious branch replicant-4.2, no difference at all there. The list of proprietary blobs are just here for reference, they're not used at any point.
4. Our recovery image is built from source and is the same as CyanogenMod's recovery. It is CWM recovery and does allow backup/restore. Make sure not to flash recovery on the kernel partition if you want to be able to backup the stock kernel though!

RE: Building and installing for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 GT-P3113 - Added by Kenneth Goodwin over 7 years ago

Hi, and thanks for the reply.

I was able to flash and get a replicant image up and running on my gt3113.

I have two problems:
1. The recovery mode does not save a viable backup. Restoring to that backup gives me an unusable tablet with a black screen.
2. I ran into a problem when I put the tablet into either recovery or boot-loader mode where it would not connect via USB.

Using recovery mode and reverting back to the backup that I stored months ago when I was trying to use CyanogenMod worked and USB connectivity in recovery & bootloader modes works.

These problems are so serious, basically turning replicant halfway useless that I will create two new posts in the "Using Replicant" section so they can have better visibility.