Which diskspace?

Added by Zrab Zrab almost 6 years ago

I tried multiple times to build replicant, however each time I hadn't enough diskspace.
I created first a 5 GB partition, then a 15, 25, now 35 GB. I was finally able to download all the sources, but not to build it. Each time, the partition gets full.
How many diskspace do I actually need ?
(making a note that the build needs tons of diskspace would actually be usefull for people who want to build it)

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RE: Which diskspace? - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 5 years ago

It seems like the source code only takes about 25GiB and the build for one device about 10GiB. So a total of 40-50Gib available on the disk seems like a safe limit.

RE: Which diskspace? - Added by Zrab Zrab over 5 years ago

Okay, I will try to make more space available and download/build everything.

RE: Which diskspace? - Added by Fil Lupin about 4 years ago

Hi, I made some investigations on my issue by building again the last version (4.2 0004) and even if source code and builded files took only 40-50Gib at the end of building, one needs more than 60Gib to build but less than 100 Gib.