Replicant and the Modern Android Application Build System

Added by Joshua Bowren almost 5 years ago

A little over half a year ago Google discontinued the Eclipse ADT along with the ant build system. Now they recommend gradle based builds along with android studio (source is apache2, but Google distributes binaries with a proprietary license). A while back the Replicant project released a SDK when ant was still the main build system. Debian also offers SDK packages, built from source (which means we can use a 64bit SDK).

What is the preferred build system and setup for Replicant? Recently I tried using the Replicant SDK, but it seems to be missing the "Android SDK build-tools" component. Eclipse complains dx.jar is missing. ant fails to build with the error "replicant-sdk_linux-x86/tools/ant/build.xml:675: null returned: 1" EDIT: This issue seems to be a problem with android project generated with eclipse and the latest ADT. I was able to get an android application to build with the replicant sdk.

Should we move to gradle based builds?