S-boot exploitation

Added by Jack K 9 months ago

Hi all,

I read an interesting blog post about an approach that could be useful for booting Samsung devices without the TrustZone bits. I was wondering if anyone else might enjoy reading it, and might consider taking their approach to attempt liberating the bootloaders in the Samsung devices supported in Replicant? Just a thought. Anyway, link below. Do share your thoughts, people.

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RE: S-boot exploitation - Added by Kurtis Hanna 4 months ago

Thanks for the post!

I should mention that has replaced all or some of s-boot with u-boot mainline on the i9300.

He posted 'U-Boot 2018.03-i9300-00017-gae73efb436-dirty (Apr 27 2018 - 16:12:54 +1000)' in the Replicant IRC and said he likely will do a blog post about this once he gets it fully working.

RE: S-boot exploitation - Added by Jack K 3 months ago

Exciting stuff! Can't wait for the blog post.