GPS on i9300

Added by Jack K almost 5 years ago

Hi all,

I have recently got my hands on an i9300 device. I have installed Replicant on it, and am keen to get some sort of GPS working on it.

I imagine the options are:

A) External bluetooth GPS adaptor

B) USB GPS adaptor using OTG cable - any recommendations?

C) Reverse engineer a free protocol that works with the BCM4751 chip

I am keen to help any reverse engineering effort, though I lack experience. I am willing to read up on what to do - can anyone advise what I need to do?

Many thanks,


Is this website helpful?

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RE: GPS on i9300 - Added by Jens Korte over 4 years ago

Sorry, I can't give you an answer.

I copied the data from the wiki page and made a vertical table at .

RE: GPS on i9300 - Added by doak complex about 4 years ago

Just to point out that option A) is already used by e.g. Wolfgang:

Could you give more precisions about the external bluetooth GPS receiver you are using ?

I use a QSTARZ BT-Q818XT.


RE: GPS on i9300 - Added by Kurtis Hanna about 4 years ago

It should be noted that if Wolfgang was using a bluetooth GPS device with Replicant, I assume he would be connecting it with nonfree Bluetooth firmware, which is not supported or recommended by the Replicant project.

RE: GPS on i9300 - Added by Daniel Kulesz almost 4 years ago

Just like with the wifi adapters, I have read that there are also freedom-friendly bluetooth dongles out there. I recently bought one that has the CSR8510 chipset. It should be basically the same as this one sold by Technoethical:

However, I was not able to test if it works with Replicant, yet.