Hello, I'm new here!

Added by Marthe d'Arte about 1 year ago

I am really fascinated by this project, and I would love to know more!
At the moment I have no developing skills whatsoever, and my biggest mistake was buying a Chinese phone run by the Chinese government lel
I use a Xiaomi Redmi 5, and I'd love to make Replicant run in it.

My cellphone broke simply because I tried removing GApps from it.
I really wish I can become a full libresoftware nerd in the future, but right now, I'd love if someone could help me install it.

I am using Trisquel GNU/Linux platform.

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RE: Hello, I'm new here! - Added by Jack K about 1 year ago

Hello Marthe!

Welcome! I too have no Android developing skills, and from what I can gather, even if you do, porting Replicant to a new device is a huge task. I recommend purchasing a supported device if you want to get started on your way to libre-nerdness, and maybe even trying your own builds.

It is worth saying that if in future you feel like trying your hand at porting Replicant to a new device, read first. You'll notice that devices with Qualcomm SoCs are not recommended - it looks like the Redmi 5 falls into this category. Sorry!

All the best,