Thoughts on the future of Replicant in the real world

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First of all, thank you for the development of the Replicant project. To me, it is one of the lighthouses in today's data-mining darkness and technology prisons.

However, I am concerned with the future of the Replicant project.
I do own two devices which are supported by Replicant, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and (since recently) the Galaxy Note 2.

When I discovered that the telephony problems of the Note 2 (bug #1773) made it impossible for me to use this device with Replicant, I had to switch back to LineageOS.
I also learned that I am not the only one with these kind of problems, but they affect Samsung Galaxy S 3 users as well.

Since then, I have searched for other devices that are supported by Replicant. It seems that all the other devices are almost impossible to find today.

This leads to my conclusion that as of 2019, there exists only one purchaseable device that is useable with Replicant, the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Then, there is the network problem.

In many countries (including mine), 2G networks don't exist anymore.
Today, there are only 3G and 4G networks in these countries, and 5G is on the way. In my country, 3G will be gone by 2025.

On the list with Replicant devices, there is not a single one that works with 4G networks (I am still talking about telephony).
Which means, if the Replicant project is not able to adopt devices that work with 4G, then to most people who are using Replicant today, the project will be dead by around 2025.

I think that I somehow will manage to survive with my Galaxy S 2 until 2025, but after that I will be forced to use one of those other OS'es. Please help me that this won't happen.

Thank you.

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RE: Thoughts on the future of Replicant in the real world - Added by Kurtis Hanna 12 months ago

The work that we have done to get 4G working can be found here:

We hope that porting Replicant to version 9 will fix the #1773 bug.