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Added by Emmett Brown 24 days ago


I would be glad to contribute to the replicant project.

I'm using replicant on a note 2 for 1 year an half.

I was thinking about a way to help without any developement experience, and a thought that your team could need some beta tester.

I think I would be able to buy a galaxy S3 4g or a note 2 4g and install a build under developpement based on android 9 and use it as my main device in order to submit some reports.

My note 2 would be my device in case of trouble.

Could it be interesting for you?

Anyway, replicant is a great job. Thank you

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RE: Help as tester - Added by Kurtis Hanna 23 days ago

Hello Emmett Emmett,

Thanks for using Replicant!

Yes, we would very much like to have testers. We actually have some Replicant 6.0 0004 images that need testing right now and we will need i9305 and n7105 testers in the near future.

We also have a list of tasks, which might need updating, that less technical people can help the project with here:

If you can think of other tasks that you think that you could help with that aren't listed there, please let us know.

Thanks for your willingness to help out!


RE: Help as tester - Added by Emmett Brown 22 days ago

Hi! Thank you for your answer.

Where can I find images of replicant 6.0 0004? Is the developpement closed to be finished ?

I am looking for an i9305 or n7105 (or both) on the second hand's market.
Where can I find images of replicant based on android 9 in order to test it?



RE: Help as tester - Added by Kurtis Hanna 21 days ago

Hello Emmett,

I believe that new experimental Replicant ROMs will be published in the coming days at the link in this post:

Make sure to read the README.

The ROMs that are there now are from April.

I will likely be deleting the link to the ROMs in the coming days, at the request of the builder and hoster of the ROMs, so please let me know when you have it bookmarked locally.

Once again, thanks for your willingness to help out! Test wildly!


RE: Help as tester - Added by Emmett Brown 21 days ago

Thank you Kurtis

You can delete the link.

I've got to find a new phone, maybe an i9305. The N7105 doesn't seem to be support right now regarding the roms's name.

To my mind, devices with 4G are necessairy for the futur of replicant.

Is there any place where we can discuss about bugs and trouble with these roms?

Thanks again


RE: Help as tester - Added by Emmett Brown 18 days ago


I just bought an i9305, and install the experimental version of replicant 6.0 0004
First issue, my sim card is not recognized.

I red that is a know issue.

In order to help the best way I can, I assumed that :
- I have to use IRC channel #replicant to report issues
- I have to give some logs or other things to give you the maximum of informations.

Can you explain to me how to connect to this channel and what can of information I have to give to be the as precise as possible ? (I'm using trisquel)

Thanks, and sorry for these noobs questions.

I read many things about adb shell - I just need some advice to begin
For my issue, logcat says : "/system/lib/" not found"