Question about replicant 9

Added by Daniel Alsace over 2 years ago


I see replicant 9 will work firstly on S3 i9300. It's the phone I use.

My question is: will replicant 9 be as faster as replicant 6 ?

Do I have a mean to make the system faster when it's too slow? Do I have a mean to reduce memory comsumption?

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RE: Question about replicant 9 - Added by dl lud over 2 years ago


Actually active development has now migrated from Replicant 9 to Replicant 10, because Android 10 was released in the meantime.

Replicant 10 will be way faster than Replicant 6 on your S3 i9300. Mostly because it will use hardware acceleration for graphics rendering, thanks to the Lima driver. You can track the progress at GraphicsReplicant9.