French tutorial, replicant installation on a Samsung S3 i9300

Added by Daniel Alsace 10 months ago


With activists of the french movement cnnr ( ), we wrote a tutorial about installation of replicant. This tutorial is based on this from Nicola Spanti, but with less possibilities and more details for the beginners.

I will work to write a post-installation tutorial.

All these instructions will change with replicant 9, I know, but people can't wait I mean :)

This tutorial had a good success, it's good news.

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RE: French tutorial, replicant installation on a Samsung S3 i9300 - Added by Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 10 months ago

I've looked rapidly and the tutorial looks really nice: for instance it has a lot of pictures, and it seems very clear.

Would it be possible to add a free software license to this manual?

As for which license to pick, if you're unsure, both Replicant and Wikipedia uses the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license which ensures that recipients of the work (here the people downloading the installation guide) have the necessary freedoms (the right modify it, copy it, etc), and that theses freedom cannot be taken away.

That license is only a copyright license and doesn't affect trademarks, so for instance somebody making a modified version (for instance for another Android distribution) will need to state that it has been modified from the original which was made by the CNNR.

Also, I will try to release a RC3 soon (about 2 weeks) and I hope to be able to finally release the 0004 not so long after (we need at least one week or two for people to test the RC3): * It fixes a bug that made some SIM cards not recognized (Thanks to Belgin Stirbu for that fix). That bug was present in all the Replicant 6.0 versions up to Replicant 6.0 0003. * It also contains a fix for a privacy issue we found (by default it sent the number you called or that called you to some remote services to find where they were located). * It contains a script that disables the modem and reboot (Thanks to all the people that worked on that). When disabled, you cannot calls, receive SMS, nor get Internet through the cellular network, but you are not tracked anymore by it. When on, the modem enables the network to localize you in real time, all the time it's on with 10 or 20 meters accuracy.

We have more details about the freedom issues with smartphones and tablets here:

Many of the freedom issues still affect Replicant devices: while Replicant itself is fully free (minus possible bugs that are found and fixed), the devices it runs on are very far from perfect, though we try our best to limit the damage done by them as explained in that document.

As for the post-installation tutorial, I think that it is crucial to backup the EFS partition at some point, because if for any reason it becomes corrupted, we don't know yet how to reconstruct it yet, and without it the modem doesn't work anymore. That partition is also specific to a device as it contains the IMEI and probably some other device specific parameters or calibration data.


RE: French tutorial, replicant installation on a Samsung S3 i9300 - Added by Kurtis Hanna 8 months ago

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for all of your work on this!

6.0 0004 rc3 mages are now available here:

If you test them and have any feedback, please provide it here:

As Denis said, these images contain a number of improvements. We hope to release Replicant 6.0 0004 in the near future after a few more bugs are worked out.


RE: French tutorial, replicant installation on a Samsung S3 i9300 - Added by Daniel Alsace 8 months ago


I must work again on the tutorial. Since my last message, all the people who worked on this tutorial left the CNNR, thus I removed the logo. I must add the license, and I'll modify some details.

Can I do a system upgrade, or I must re-install all the system, to upgrade to 004? I must wait for a stable 004 to do the tutorial.

I must do a post-install tutorial, what is important is to add this special f-droid and repwifi upgrade which is not automatic.

I must rather add system upgrade to 004? Or I must do a new tutorial for the 004, for replicant 10?

I don't know how to do. (these times, systems like replicant are very important to people, to activists, even though it's not the more secure system)