Development status of 4G/LTE support

Added by Robert A. Hickey about 2 months ago


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who volunteers to help develop Replicant. You guys are doing a great job!

I've been following the project for some time and since my current phone recently broke, I'm thinking about getting a "new" phone to install Replicant on.

Since 3G networks are being phased out, I would like to know what the development status of 4G/LTE support is. Can we expect a working modem in the foreseeable future?

Thank you.

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RE: Development status of 4G/LTE support - Added by Jack K 26 days ago

You can follow the main issue here:

It says Note 2 LTE but S3 LTE has the same modem so progress on one will help the other.

There is also this issue: but it looks like that is for Replicant 6 which I think won't get LTE support. Replicant 11 is the next major version being worked on, though GNUtoo is focusing on 3G modem for now. I am trying a few bits and bobs on Note 2 LTE but I am not very skilled.

As ever, no ETAs but I imagine it will be important at some point given being 3G phased out.