Uhuru integration

Added by Fil Lupin almost 5 years ago

there is this project Uhuru ( which integrate some interesting security features.
It seems it is based on free/libre software so there are chances that this soft is itself free/libre and so that it is usable for Replicant.
Does anyone can confirm this ?

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RE: Uhuru integration - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 5 years ago

Except for the fact that they are using Android, I didn't find any evidence that they are friendly to free software. Also, the fact that they advertise a centralized solution seems to hint the opposite.

Thus, I don't see much interest for this project on our side.

RE: Uhuru integration - Added by Fil Lupin almost 5 years ago

In fact, they said a year ago, when they announce their demo, that they will give the code of some applications after a new demo ROM will be finished.

I agree with you that the architecture and some societies in the project encourage to be cautious (at least) for confidentiality. However, some of the application they propose seems interesting to me.

RE: Uhuru integration - Added by Fil Lupin 3 months ago

and happy new year.
I found recently a github project on this project :
It seems the coordinator changed, so perhaps the project's goal also, only two repo are public but they are GPLv3.
Currently, it is in french but it could be interesting to read a bit in case it could help for F-droid app adaptation.