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They say in the FAQ ( "We are planning to launch the phone with root access for the user (rootable), so they can decide for themselves which operating system they want to install after some hard coding. At this point, we really need the support of open-source communities – people who develop for Firefox and Ubuntu – to help us optimize our device for these operating systems. For further info about our search for an open OS, check out our post on our trip to Mobile World Congress."

So it looks good and hopefully fair phone and good OS will come together.

edit Link to tech specs:

Phone will be available in Fall 2013.

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RE: Fairphone - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 7 years ago

We are currently talking with them to obtain more details on the hardware of the Fairphone and clearly evaluate whether we should get one and port Replicant to it.

RE: Fairphone - Added by Linus Askerlund over 6 years ago

I'm also interested in seeing Replicant running on the Fairphone. Provided the evaluation is promising once we know more about the hardware and source of the phone I'll gladly throw a donation towards acquiring one for the project as well as help testing since I have one on order for myself.