New open hardware phone

Added by Yusuf Saib almost 6 years ago

My company is considering developing an open hardware Android phone.
I would like suggestions from the Replicant community and/or direct conversations with developers.
Does someone want to work on this?
Any requests regarding the hardware?
Feel free to contact me here or via

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RE: New open hardware phone - Added by Allan Mwenda almost 6 years ago

Don't use Snapdragon
Use Ath_9k wifi driver
Provide all documentation about the hardware
Provide source code for all the drivers
Provide the source code for the kernel and the bootloader
Make it only trivial to unlock said bootloader
Probably a good idea to ship with Cyanogenmod as the stock ROM

RE: New open hardware phone - Added by Paul Wise almost 6 years ago

How open are you talking? At the CPU level with RISC-V? At the baseband level with OsmocomBB? Will it be ethically manufactured like the Fairphone?