GPS more attention, please

Added by Alexis PM 27 days ago

First, thank you very much for the development and maintenance of Replicant as a free operating system for cell phones.

I want to appeal more attention to GPS, please! For those of us who intensely use the GPS of the cell phone for field research works, outdoor leisure activities or others, it is critical that the GPS of the cell phone works in order to use Replicant. At least in my work environment we are several people in the same situation. As we understand the effort to develop and maintain Replicant, we want to limit our request to appeal that there be at least 1 device with Replicant 6 (and later versions) support has GPS and telephony support (have GPS capabilities and can be used as phone that make phone calls).

Analyzing the list of supported devices ( ), it seems that 3 are the most viable options:

1) Add free GPS support to Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S3, the devices that more attention seems to receive from the Replicant project. Pros: It is easy to find cheap used devices. Cons: No current or past Replicant version has supported GPS on these devices.

2) GTA04 with telephony and GPS support. Pros: The Replicant project claims to have interest in the Replicant 6 supports this device, and GTA04 has GPS support in Replicant 4.2 (although without telephony support, so GTA04/"Letux 2804" with Replicant 4.2 is not an option for us nowadays). Cons: Difficult or impossible to find cheap used devices and the price of new ones is high (although acceptable for us if we have no other option).

3) HTC Magic / Dream. Pros: GPS and telephony supports with Replicant 2.2, currently the best option for us. It is easy to find cheap used devices. Cons: Replicant 2.2 is an unmaintained version and probably with security bugs (the HTC Magic / Dream is a old but functional device, and if Replicant 6 supports devices of 2011, 6 years old, we do not think it's crazy to support a device a couple of years older).

Thank you very much!

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RE: GPS more attention, please - Added by Andrew - 26 days ago

Hi Alexis,

I agree with you.
I tomorrow will try to buy Galaxy S3 to have possibility to try and play with replicant. For me S3 seems the most advanced device with already android 6. Paul and Wolfgang already did fantastic job, so I cannot asked them for another favour. If I will get device, it will be top priority issue for me (as then phone will be fully working for me with replicant), I am not hardware or C developer, but I will give a try and document my journey somehow, so even if I fail then somebody else will have easier start.


RE: GPS more attention, please - Added by Xan VFR 22 days ago

I don't remember why Replicant project doesn't (or can't) provide free GPS support (probably because of the manufacturers obscurity about their hardware).


If you want to have GPS working in Replicant I suggest you to look up in Simon Josefsson's blog, but you'd be using proprietary software at your own risk (I choosed to do so with my S3).

RE: GPS more attention, please - Added by Alexis PM 10 days ago

Many thanks, Andrew. Much encouragement. Do not hesitate to tell us about the topic.

Thanks Xan too. Obviously getting the privative Lineage's GPS firmware is an existing possibility. But existing the free (as freedom) Replicant OS and having free GPS support in at least one model (HTC Magic / Dream), we discard the private option.

The best would be the free GPS support incorporation into the Replican 6 trunk itself, but Wolfgang Wiedmeyer and Paul Kocialkowski seem to have too busy personal agendas.