LG Optimus Black (p970)

Added by Linus Drumbler about 9 years ago

From its Wikipedia article ( this phone was originally released with Android 2.2, but its latest possible upgrade is 4.0. So I think a port of 4.0 would be better than 4.2. Nevertheless, you're the developer.

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RE: LG Optimus Black (p970) - Added by Fil Lupin over 5 years ago

Sorry to interrupt, I saw that David seems to have some interests into this device and I was curious.

I began to read the articles Paul wrote about the p970 (, it seems to be positive about porting Replicant on this device.
However, I do not see it listed into supported device page ( nor target evaluation (

Is it just a forget or is there some specific reason like it is work in progress?
Another question: is there somewhere a page with a list of refused devices or should we look into this subforum to understand if a specific device has not been studied or if it has been rejected and why?

Thank you.

RE: LG Optimus Black (p970) - Added by Andrés D over 5 years ago

The boot loader is unsigned, so it is possible to replace it, and the omap SOC has good Linux kernel mainline support. It was a good candidate to port replicant to it. Paulk made some work and has a repository with open source u-boot and tools to replace it.

Nobody made the effort to port replicant, an open source RIL needs to be made to use the phone modem, and some other components would also need work. At this point it seems more difficult to port replicant, because it's based on lineageOS 13, and it is not supported anymore (last commit is from December 2013).