Fairphone 3

Added by Anon Ymon about 4 years ago

Hi there! Fairphone [1] aims to build a phone that is repairable and pays attention to responsible material sourcing and advocating for workers’ welfare. I think it would make nice hardware for Replicant. Whether this is technically feasible I cannot say. It runs the infamous [2] Qualcomm MSM/QSD platform, more specifically Qualcomm Snapdragon 632. Whether that model has an integrated modem I don't know.

For completeness sake, here are Devices evaluations threads for Fairphone 1 [3] and Fairphone 2 [4]

Thank you for working on Replicant.


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RE: Fairphone 3 - Added by Jack K about 4 years ago


I'm not a Replicant developer, just a free software enthusiast.

That said, given my limited understanding, looking at it appears this SoC is not a good choice from a free software perspective, having far too many proprietary files, which would likely require lots of work to reverse engineer and/or configure existing free software to work in their place. There is a wiki page that explains the common issues with Qualcomm SoCs, and having many proprietary files is one of them -

It is a pity. I wish Fairphone would choose better SoCs for their products, as I too value their ethical supply chain ideals.

All the best!