Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6) / Galaxy S5 LTE-A (lentislte)

Added by Andreas Stenglein almost 4 years ago

Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6 / SM-G901F)
LineageOS 16.0:
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 APQ8084 (4x Krait/ARMv7, Adreno 420, Cortex M3 WLAN/BT?)
Modem: Gobi, WTR3925 + MDM9635M (Cortex A5, Cortex M3) connected by PCIe/GPIO?, drawback: seems to control GPS
Battery: removeable
Audio: WCD9330, controlled by Application Processor (AP) according block diagram
Launch: 2014

LineageOS Kernel 3.10.x:
basic mainline support of the SOC:

Galaxy S5 LTE-A (lentislte / SM-G906S, SM-G906K, SM-G906L)
same SOC, more RAM, higher display resolution

phones with same SOC:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos / SM-N9100
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE (there seem to be also versions with Exynos SOC)
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge / SM-N9150
Unofficial Lineage 17.1 development thread:

LG G3 Cat.6
Motorola Moto MAXX / XT1225
Motorola Droid Turbo / XT1254
Motorola Nexus 6 / XT1103, XT1100

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

development kit / sbc:
Inforce IFC6540
Mainline Kernel dts:

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RE: Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6) / Galaxy S5 LTE-A (lentislte) - Added by Andreas Stenglein about 3 years ago

The link to QualcommSOCs is misleading, it only contains information about "Qualcomm SOCs with integrated modems".
APQ* however don't have an integrated modem.
However seems no research has been done on separeted Qualcomm modems.