OnePlus One

Added by Linus Drumbler almost 10 years ago

Officially supported by CyanogenMod (CyanogenMod is pre-installed on the device). Bootloader is easily unlockable with fastboot. GSM and LTE supported.

The phone has a Qualcomm processor, but appears to have fewer blobs than normal.

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RE: OnePlus One - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 10 years ago

Again, this is obviously not the complete list of blobs, it just cannot be. For instance, there has to be graphics acceleration-related blobs, so if they're not here, then the list is not complete. No RIL there either, etc.
The rest of the blobs are at:

This is a Qualcomm device, so at usual, bad for privacy, bad for freedom, so I'll call it a bad target.