LG Nexus 5

Added by George T about 6 years ago

Are there any plans for LG Nexus 5? It's well supported by CM and has an unlock friendly bootloader.

Btw I am in possession of one so if it would help anyone to have log/diag details available I'll be happy to provide.


PS: I see that Nexus 4 did quite badly in the devices evalution, hopefully there are some changes for the best in Nexus 5?

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RE: LG Nexus 5 - Added by Paul Kocialkowski about 6 years ago

No plans for the Nexus 5 at all -- it is a Qualcomm device and requires too many proprietary blobs, on top of being bad for privacy and security (modem in the SoC) and also having a proprietary bootloader that is likely signed, if the modem is not in charge of bringing the CPU up at all.