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cyanogenmod 2.3 (gingerbread) support
with various efforts to bring up a 4.0 release.
Similar hardware to GTA04. uBoot.

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RE: Openpandora - Added by Alexander Stylianides almost 7 years ago

Should be given some thought, I believe. OpenPandora is a community-driven DS-sized laptop with adequate power to run Gingerbread. Plus, since it still costs an arm and a leg to buy, discovering the limit of its abilities should mitigate it.

RE: Openpandora - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 7 years ago

Given that Replicant does not support graphic acceleration, I really wonder if it's any use to port Replicant to devices primarily intended for games, such as the OpenPandora or the Ouya. My answer would be no, we already have enough to deal with with phones and tablets. However if someone shows up to do the port, I'd say why not.