Headphone jack not working

Added by Mickey Knox about 5 years ago


I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 to try Replicant.
Unfortunately, I did not try the headphone jack before flashing replicant.
Now I don't know, if the hardware is broken, or is there a known issue with replicant?

Symptom description: The headphone jack has no function whatsoever. There is no reaction,
when I plug in the jack; the music is still playing on the phones speaker.

Is there a way to force the output to the headphone?
Just in case only the plug-in event is somehow broken.

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RE: Headphone jack not working - Added by My Self about 5 years ago

I have the SGS2 (i9100), too. If I plug in my headphones into my Replicant 4.2 OS, the toggle-event is triggered automatically, and my headphones will be successfully used.

  • [logcat] (if you want to compare)
    D/EventHub(2841): No input device configuration file found for device 'sec_jack'.
    V/WiredAccessoryManager(2841): Headset UEVENT: {SUBSYSTEM=switch, SWITCH_STATE=1, DEVPATH=/devices/virtual/switch/h2w, SEQNUM=2636, ACTION=change, SWITCH_NAME=h2w, SWITCH_TIME=4977794327237}
    V/WiredAccessoryManager(2841): newName=h2w newState=1 headsetState=1 prev headsetState=0
    I/EventHub(2841): New device: id=14, fd=232, path='/dev/input/event11', name='sec_jack', classes=0x1, configuration='', keyLayout='/system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl', keyCharacterMap='/system/usr/keychars/Generic.kcm', builtinKeyboard=false, usingSuspendBlockIoctl=true, usingClockIoctl=false
    I/InputReader(2841): Device added: id=14, name='sec_jack', sources=0x00000101
    V/WiredAccessoryManager(2841): device h2w connected
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Output(2585): audio_out_set_parameters(0x41f4fd60, routing=4)
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Mixer(2585): tinyalsa_mixer_set_device(4)
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Mixer(2585): Setting Speaker Playback Volume to 0
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Mixer(2585): Setting Speaker Playback Switch to off
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Mixer(2585): Setting Headphone Playback Volume to 15
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Mixer(2585): Setting HP Gain Playback Volume to 3
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Mixer(2585): Setting Headphone Playback Switch to on
    D/Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio(2585): yamaha_mc1n2_audio_set_route(4)
    D/Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio(2585): yamaha_mc1n2_audio_route_start()
    D/Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio(2585): (yamaha_mc1n2_audio_params_route_find): device = 4, direction = 0
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Hardware(2585): audio_hw_set_voice_volume(0x41f4ca90, 0.800000)
    D/TinyALSA-Audio Output(2585): audio_out_set_parameters(0x41f4fd60, routing=4)
    I/HeadsetService(3070): Headset=true; Bluetooth=false
    I/HeadsetService(3070): Selected configuration: headset
    I/Effect-DRC: Compression factor set to: 1.500000
    I/Effect-BassBoost(2585): New strength: 0
    I/Effect-Equalizer(2585): Setting band 0 to 0
    I/Effect-Equalizer(2585): Setting band 1 to 0
    I/Effect-Equalizer(2585): Setting band 2 to 0
    I/Effect-Equalizer(2585): Setting band 3 to 0
    I/Effect-Equalizer(2585): Setting band 4 to 0
    I/Effect-Equalizer(2585): Setting loudness correction reference to 100.000000 dB
    D/dalvikvm(10542): GC_CONCURRENT freed 262K, 60% free 3819K/9424K, paused 2ms+4ms, total 18ms
I've found some apps, (I didn't tried) for manually toggle testing:

Ad hoc, I can't find a command to do what these apps provide.

One last thing I tried this second. I installed this app: (you don't have to install the Vanilla Music player). With this app installed I got an toaster notification on my screen on putting my headphones in, which could help you answering you basic question.

Happy testing.