GT-I9300 Recovery will not install with Heimdall

Added by Nunya Bizness over 4 years ago

When I attempt to install recovery.img with heimdall I get the error message ERROR: Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence!
ERROR: BOOT upload failed!
It then reboots to Android.

I seem to have a similar problem as since every sign shows that the phone is an i9300, however on the download boot menu it says the product name is SCH-I535, which is a Verizon model. It is definitely not a fake, since it has all the correct specs and a sim card.

Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know if you need more information.

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RE: GT-I9300 Recovery will not install with Heimdall - Added by Joshua Bowren over 4 years ago

Sorry for the late reply.

Strange that you are not even able to flash the recovery image. I am, but my device does not boot afterwards.

The SCH-I535 seems to be the Verizon version (d2vzw), have you tried the cyanogenmod or CWM recovery image for the d2vzw? If your phone shows up as a i9300 to the d2vzw recovery image, than maybe it will allow you to install replicant, however it is alarming that the replicant image could not even be flashed onto the phone. If you are worried about losing data on the phone, either back everything up or do not try it at all. I have not had any luck with this method, I am starting to think the only way to get replicant working is to repartition the phone with a i9300 pit file and install the original i9300 firmware.

RE: GT-I9300 Recovery will not install with Heimdall - Added by Joshua Bowren over 4 years ago

It seems like having the incorrect firmware on an I9300 is a somewhat common problem. Other people have came across this issue by flashing incorrect firmware. I finally decided to try to repartition my I9300, thus flashing the bootloader, but it appears that software flashing methods fail (Heimdall and Odin) because the firmware is different. Flashing with Odin posts the message "unsupported dev_type" to the screen of the phone during download mode. I am pretty much all out of ideas for getting replicant to work with these I9300s. I suppose the bootloader may be able to be overwritten without repartitioning, but I am not sure which partition corresponds to the bootloader on non-I9300s. Without the I9300 bootloader, it does not seem the replicant image can be flashed through recovery as the recovery image checks the model of the S3 based on the bootloader.

If you are able to make any advances please let me know.