those who want non free software on replicant

Added by til sam about 2 years ago

I bought a samsung i9100 in order to install replicant 6.
I was only able to install replicant because I found people, who told me how to.
In general people are friendly and want to assist. It turns out replicant 6 does not support hidden caller id. It is difficult to
get a free version of hidden caller id into replicant.

I asked my phone company, if they could enable hidden caller id on their system. The company said yes and did it. But it
did not work. People on replicant told me roughly about compiling non free hidden caller software into replicant. The
advice was more than I could expect from a free software forum. I have no knowledge about compiling replicant software.
I asked if he could do it. He answered, he was busy. I then asked on xda's forum. No answer.
If hidden caller id had worked on replicant, I would have installed non free software in order to get the phone's devices
to work. Had I not been able to, I had used the phone anyway. It is different about the hidden caller id. Because hidden
caller id does not work, I do not use the phone.

Is it out of the question that, independently of replicant, a version derived from replicant with pieces of non
free software is made? Is such phone not better than a phone with no replicant installed?
I find it unfortunate that because I cannot compile replicant and no one will tell me how, I cannot get
the replicant 6 phone I want.