[EDITED: not recommended] Install proprietary firmwares on i9300 for wifi

Added by Eric Worden over 2 years ago

Editor's note:
    following the suggestion reported in this post will result in the installation of proprietary software!
    Replicant DOES NOT suggest to install proprietary software.
    This post does not reflect the the policy of Replicant as a project.
    Please consider reading the instructions on how to enable WiFi on Replicant using free software only

Previously, these instructions worked for this purpose:

Since CyanogenMod is now superceded by LineageOS, the instructions above no longer work. Below is what worked for me to get wifi working on my i9300. Possibly these instructions install more firmware files than are necessary to get the wifi working. Also I do not know if this enables the bluetooth or front camera, or if similar techniques work for other models:

  1. Download the latest LineageOS installation zip for the i9300. I used version 14.1.
  2. Extract the firmware files from the installation zip, following instructions on the LineageOS wiki:
  3. adb root
  4. adb remount
  5. For all files in the installation image matching these patterns:
  6. adb push $FILE /system/vendor/firmware
  7. adb reboot

[This post has been edited by Fil Bergamo to include a disclaimer. The original content of the post has been maintained unaltered.]