Stability of ver. 6.0 0004 RC5 & what "Transition" means

Added by M V about 2 years ago


I am about to install Replicant on a Samsung i9300. Two questions:

1. Is version 6.0 0004 RC5 stable enough or is it more reasonable to choose version 6.0 0003 for now?
2. what's the difference between version 6.0 0004 RC5 and 6.0 0004 RC5 "Transition"?

Thank you in advance.

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RE: Stability of ver. 6.0 0004 RC5 & what "Transition" means - Added by David Lecompte almost 2 years ago

If you are going to install Replicant on a phone on which you have no data to use, you can use 6.0 0004 (official release, no more candidate).

I understand that 6.0 0004 RC5 "Transition" was to migrate from early versions while not losing your data.

I have been using 6.0 0004 RC5 on an i9300 for a while, the only issues I had are with the camera (rather often does not want to take a picture, reboots solve the problem but can happen again rather quickly) and sometimes apps loose permissions (infrequent but happens). The rest is fine. I use calls, SMS, K-9 mail, conversations, DAVx, KeypassDX and Seafile. Wifi dongle works (but I rarely use it, will wear out the battery in a few hours while it can last days otherwise). Some unexpected reboots but not frequent (not sure how often, less than once a week).