Note 2 N7100 problem report ( Need help )

Added by Steve Green over 1 year ago

I want to share 2 problems I have faced when installing the Replicant 6 on Note 2 and later problem when using it.

1) Problem - I was not able to install properly the zip. Only after few times repeating the same command to install the replicant zip to the phone it somehow installed. Don't know how is happened - I am not the very tech guy. But important detail is that is was giving the error message firstly directly after command was written in the terminal, then at 43% of installation, then at 60% and then at 90%. Finally it got installed. The error text was:

E:footer is wrong
E: signature verification failed

2) After using it for some days I switched off and left my phone with low charge. When I took it after few days and charged it a bit and then tried to open, the red Replicant logo displayed and nothing happened then. After discovering the forums I have found at least 3 people with the same problem on the same device. So I cane to conclusion that there is something wrong with code on this very device. I might be wrong of course.

I ask somebody to help me with this issue and if required to solve the optimization for this device problem. Hope my report will be useful for the community.

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