Installing 4.0 on S2?

Added by Clayton Brannon over 6 years ago

I have a Galaxy s2 which I would like to install Replicant 4.0 onto. 4.2 does not have camera support among other things, while 4.0 does, so 4.0 seems to be the more logical choice. However, I can only find an install guide for the 4.2 version. Could a kind soul point me towards the 4.0 installation guide for the s2?

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RE: Installing 4.0 on S2? - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 6 years ago

Where did you come up with the fact that the camera isn't supported in 4.2? It's working just fine. We keep the installation guides relevant to the latest Replicant version only. You can rollback in the history before 4.2 was released to find instruction but I doubt you really want 4.0 over 4.2. Moreover 4.0 isn't maintained anymore as we focus on the latest version only.