a New Model for Replicant? Maybe- but i need Help

Added by Michael Kappes over 6 years ago

I have buy a INTENSO 724 Tablet (i call it: my "Intelligent" USB Stick) This Brick is only for/to play whit Hardware
Pls, Help me to Jailbreak the Hardware. I don't want to use Cyranomod. In The Cyrano Forum i read: You must have an Vista (or Higher NSA-OS) i don't have any! M$ "on Hand"

Intenso 724:

USB-Tethering don't work since "unboxing"
AndroidePIT (Surveillance Tool - or the "default App Store" can NOT be erase!
Every time i restart the Hardware, the Surveil... äh, AndridePIT comes up whit "You must upgrade the App". A (re)quest in the AndriodPIT Forum tells: "This App-Store have no more Updates since the last time...)

Androide 4.1
CPU: DualCore Cortex A9
My Device is a "rockchip INM7001KD"
System "by default" is: BusyBox v1.11.1 (2009-03-11) multi-call binary

Hint: I have NO Telefon Options on this Device. Inet Access only over WLAN, I have a 32GB SD Card for the Brick (extern) maybe this helps......

thank you in advance
Michael (majestyx)

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RE: a New Model for Replicant? Maybe- but i need Help - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 6 years ago

It looks like there is no CyanogenMod support for your device, so starting a Replicant port will be hard. I suggest you start a CyanogenMod port first (not necessarily including the proprietary blobs, but it might come in handy to use them at first so that you can reverse them).

In order for you to have an idea of what you're getting into, I suggest you read the DeveloperGuide and the porting guide for the previous Replicant version: Replicant40PortingGuide.