Question about game on Replicant

Added by Nassim HADJAMAR about 6 years ago

Hello Replicant community,

Firstly, please excuse me for my bad english (i'm french)

I write here a question and his reply for anyone interesting about this subject or for everyone want to know:

"I follow Replicant project for a while and one thing block me to install it: If I install replicant, can I play "normaly"? Not through the Google market (yuck) but for example through the Humble Bundle application? (Some are in 3D so quite greedy)Thank you for your back because I currently runs on CM 11 without google
app and with freecygn script (which removes any remaining traces of google (google analytics and other remaining small piece)"

The response of it is:
"There is no support for 3D with Replicant (graphics acceleration is missing) and therefore even a free games undemanding (even in 2D) are too slow to be playable and 3D games, it is quite impossible" (thank you Paul)

I hope this post will be helpfull for everyone :)