i9300 (S3) not detected by adb on download mode

Added by Anonymous over 5 years ago


I have finally managed to find a new i9300 so it's time to finally get Replicant!

The thing is that I can't get my device detected when it's on download mod so flashing the recovery won't work.
I edited the 51-android-rules file and entered the device vendor and product IDs. If I run "adb devices", I have the number properly displayed. However, as soon as I boot the phone on download mode, adb cannot recognize it. I did not find any working methods on the Internet during the last three hours so I'm asking here.

In /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android-rules :

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="04e8", ATTR{idProduct}=="685d", MODE="0600", OWNER="<username>"

Obviously, USB debugging is turned on.

Can someone help me ? Thanks!

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RE: i9300 (S3) not detected by adb on download mode - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 5 years ago

If you wish to install Replicant on your Galaxy S 3 (I9300), I suggest that you read the appropriate installation instruction: GalaxyS3I93000Installation which contains all the steps required to install Replicant to your device.

From that, you can see that download mode and adb are two different things that are not related to each other. Download mode works with heimdall on the host computer, not adb.

RE: i9300 (S3) not detected by adb on download mode - Added by Anonymous over 5 years ago

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your answer. I've been confused at some point because of the libusb error which I tend to get a lot when I mess around with Android. Previously, I had a similar errors with adb when doing stuff with other devices (Nexus 5). I did not get at first that heimdall is entirely independant from adb.

I managed to fix my problem which was actually simple. I add to run the flashing command with sudo. Replicant is now installed on my phone. From the very quick look I had (got to set up the phone properly with Orbot/Orwall/Xprivacy/Chat Secure with OTR...), it seems a bit sluggish but nothing to bad. I guess that normal considering the GP problem.

Feels good to have a fully free Android distribution!

Thanks you Paul and everyone else who contributed! I'll look at the donation section to see what I can do to support Replicant.