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I wonder ReplicantOS development. I noticed in gitweb that very rarely occur updates, so some of my questions:
1) ReplicantOS based on Cyanogenmod (10.1), so is not it Cyanogenmod, but without the non-free code?

2) I wonder if you know anything about this to someone writing code to support Wifi for ReplicantOS / Linux Kernel? I think about it, that in the "near future" to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2, add ReplicantOS and use, but without Wifi (in particular) sometimes can not be operated. Do you need to follow the development of the Linux kernel that the drivers have separate projects (eg. On Github)?

3) I wonder if it is theoretically possible to create the core "ReplicantOS" that he could boot any Linux system on your phone? Something like that seen in the Motorola Droid 4, where the core CyanogenMod able to run Ubuntu Phone. Could such a core would contribute in some way in the development of the system (and free software, for example, could run. Debian or Trisquel on phones)

Thanks for answer for my (probably stupid) questions

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RE: Some Fervi's Question - Added by Paul Kocialkowski about 5 years ago

Hey there,

first off, please call the system "Replicant", not "ReplicantOS" which is an improper name for the project.

1) Please read:

2) Wi-Fi kernel drivers are free, but the firmwares running inside the chips are not: see and for more details. I am not aware of any effort to free those firmwares, sadly.

3) Running a full-blown GNU/Linux system would be possible, either natively or on top of Replicant, but there is no particular interest for us to do that. You might want to learn about the SHR project, that had that very goal in mind: despite not being very active nowadays.