Replacement Wi-Fi firmware

Added by Linus Drumbler over 10 years ago

Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate Replicant. But what really bugs me is the lack of Wi-Fi, as my carrier only gives me 200MB of data per month. (I do NOT want to install the proprietary firmware; that defeats the whole purpose of this project.) Is writing replacement Wi-Fi firmware currently on your radar or even possible?

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RE: Replacement Wi-Fi firmware - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 10 years ago

I think the issues with firmwares is more complex. In any case, be sure to know that you are using firmwares with the phones, they are simply not shipped with the system. The FSF's position is that these firmwares behave like hardware and are not concerned by the four freedom. You may agree or disagree with that.

We are not working on replacing the firmwares, this is out of the scope of Replicant and we simply don't have the technical knowledge to create such a replacement. The best I know is the bcmon project which did some low-level approach on some broadcom firmwares (bcm4329 IIRC) and managed to enable monitor mode.

RE: Replacement Wi-Fi firmware - Added by Michael S over 10 years ago

I've posted a link to instructions based on my experience getting WiFi working (albeit with non-free firmeware regrettably) in another thread: