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Slowly I collect money for the Galaxy Note 2. Living in Poland it is hard :)
TL: DR at the bottom

I would like to see the future smartphone (ie Note 2) work best, but also to be free (like a freedom). And I thought that only the Samsung Note will be the best (fast processor, 2GB of RAM, a good SoC)

However, would do well to know if something changes in Replicant on the "better" in terms of 3D acceleration, GPS, etc. I know that often appear repairing modifications to Android, but if I like the freedom, so much sometimes I like to play or edit something. Even though I'm not talking about the code directly to Replicant, but sometimes side projects on Github (etc.) create open source drivers.

The second issue is the framebuffer. Linux supports sending Deploy Linux image directly to the FB, which does not need any additional programs. Unfortunately my smartphone (bond) does not support this. Is Note 2 of Replicant you have support for FB?

I think the last question is, how Replicant cope with additives formal and informal from Samsung; 8000+ mAh battery, SD card 256GB, SmartDock, Livi Design Casetop, USB devices like mice, keyboards, hard drives, Xbox 360 pad and so on.

I'm sorry that you get tired :-) Thank you for your answer!

- Some information on improving 3D acceleration, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, etc.?
- Do Replicant has the option of sending graphics to the framebuffer?
- Do you support add-ons, such as the. Larger battery, more memory, SmartDock, Casetop and devices via USB.