How can I help with the project?

Added by Luca Perri almost 4 years ago

Hi all, my name is Luca and I'm a passione open source software user.

I have been reading of Replicant since a while and I was wondering if and how can help I this project.

In the last year I spent a lot of time in the reborn of B2GOS (aka Firefox OS) before Mozilla stopped, with spineless arguments, even this attempt to keep the OS alive.

I'm not able to write a drived, nor skilled enought to code, but I'm at your disposal to help with community, wiki maintenance, software testing and social management.

Regarding this, does Replicant have any Twitter/Facebook or social account to follow closer the development? or, at least, a telegram group?




Talking of dreams, I'm now using an Android phone (Bq aquaris U) and it would be wonderful to replace the stock os with Replicant sooner or later!

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RE: How can I help with the project? - Added by Kurtis Hanna over 3 years ago


Sorry about the late reply! A lot of tasks that need done are listed here:

We don't have a twitter/facebook or other social media accounts right now. Our IRC channel is probably the best way to follow the development. IRC: #replicant at also, please sign up for our mailing list:

Have you tested Replicant 6.0 yet? This would be a great place to start, as we just released an official version of it within the month.