Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE/4G version

Added by Finn Ryan almost 6 years ago

I have the Galaxy Note 2 N7105 which from what I can tell is the LTE/4G version contrast to N7100. Are there any details available on to what extent the N7100 replicant release would support this? Would I still have mobile data, but just 3G? No mobile data at all? Device just won't work? I have a functional device, but no battery, so I'd like to know my chances before purchasing a battery. Thanks.

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RE: Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE/4G version - Added by Kurtis Hanna almost 5 years ago

Sorry for the very late reply, but we are finally making some tangible progress on LTE/4G versions of the Note 2. There has already been some success with SMS and calls over 4G. You can follow the work here: