FOR SALE - Samsung Galaxy S2 with Replicant 6.003 pre-installed

Added by Steve Biggs almost 2 years ago


I ended up with two replicant phones! I thought the first one was lost so I bought a new one and then found the old one. D'oh!

I tried to re-install regular android onto the spare to sell to the masses but I couldn't get that to work. Nor could I get LineageOS to work. Therefore, I have reverted to replicant and given it a fresh clean install of version 6.003. This seems like the best place to sell it - I can't imaging many on ebay would go for it.

Includes (used) screen cover and protective case but no charger. Battery life is not amazing but not terrible (I was charging it every night and it would last all day on my usage). No major defects but obviously some signs of wear on such an old model.

If you want it, then please make me an offer - all sensible offers considered. Will ship worldwide - I'm in the UK so if you're somewhere else postage may be costly.


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