Idea for an Animated Web Series about Replicant

Added by David Kruse over 1 year ago

While I was watching this one episode of the 2003 version of Ninja Turtles earlier, I saw this scene where a giant robot, which looked almost exactly like the Android mascot, was about to attack them. That kind of got me thinking about creating an animated web series where a group of hacktivists run Replicant on their devices, and use bots to fight other bots, which can infringe on people's software freedoms, attack power grids, etc, and are created by governments, corporations, and cyberterrorists. Before anyone tells me to be careful because someone could steal my idea, I should mention that I only gave a brief synopsis of it, so if anyone were to steal it, my version and their version would be hugely different in terms of characters and episode plots.

If anyone has any background in filmmaking, hopefully we can make this happen. I could work as the creative consultant and one of the writers.