Replicant 10

Added by Emmett Brown over 3 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for the work that you do around replicant projet.
I'm using a note 2 since 2017, and I can't imagine to go back with android.

I would like to know if replicant 10 is progressing the way you want, and if any beta could be release.

I feel sorry because I don't have any knowledge to help you to dev, but I take part of people that are conviced of absolute necessity of free software.
As far I know, Replicant is the only free software and open source OS available for smartphone.

By the way, what is your opinion about ubuntu touch ?
This project doesn't seem to be considered as free software. I can't find any information about the drivers used, and firmware in hadware etc.

You have all my support and gratitude


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RE: Replicant 10 - Added by Daniel Alsace over 3 years ago

I'm an user like you, and understood that they work on replicant 9.

I wrote a french tutorial which had great success. Documentation for beginners is very important.

PostmarketOS is an other option, I don't know really if it's absolutely totally free. The PinePhone64 phone will be compatible with replicant, PostmarketOS, and GNU/Linux.

For me Ubuntu isn't totally free, and they make bad choices (bloatware, privacy problems, non-free online services…).

It's hard to find programs which accept to work without GPS, etc… I had a discussion with the OsmAnd team, I advice people to speak to free android apps developpers, to tell them about replicant and importance of free software and recycling old phones like N2 7100 or S3 i9300 instead of throwing them in the bin due to bloatware…